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On Monday, August 14, flooding and mudslides in Freetown, Sierra Leone left more than 400 people dead, with authorities estimating that the death toll is likely to be in the thousands once all the bodies have been recovered. The disaster occurred at 2:00AM on Monday, when heavy rains caused parts of the mountains surrounding Freetown to break off and came tumbling below as people lay asleep in their homes. In addition to the numerous casualties, the floods and subsequent mudslides destroyed thousands of homes and have left thousands of people without homes.

Please pray for the People of Sierra Leone as they deal with, yet, another national crisis. We Stand With Sierra Leone!

Our Mission: Increase Access to Education

Our mission is to ensure and increase access to education for all students, as well as to encourage and facilitate sustainable community development projects in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Who We Are:

Project Tumara is a 501c3 NGO based in the U.S. but conducts its operations in Freetown, Sierra Leone. We work to provide students with scholarship opportunities so that they may achieve their goals and help facilitate sustainable community development in their community: Portee. Founded in 2014, the organization has been instrumental in various projects in Portee ranging from Ebola awareness and training, student education and community development projects.