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Community Development through Community Service

Throughout the year, our students and other community members, with the supervision of our Freetown staff, design, coordinate and implement various community service initiatives aimed at addressing issues in their community. 

In August of this year, Project Tumara launched a community-based program called the Portee Volunteer Group (PVG), which meets every week to discuss community problems and propose effective solutions. Since Project Tumara’s launch in August, the group, which is run by volunteer community members with the guidance of Project Tumara’s Freetown staff, has been successful in proposing and adopting a monthly community-wide clean-up day. The first community clean-up day was held on August 6 and had roughly 80 volunteers. The second and third community clean-up days have recorded much higher community turn out than the first. This shows us that community members want to active participants in the development of their community: Portee. 

We feel that community members best know what the community needs and how to go about fulfilling those needs, if given the proper tools and adequate resources to do so. By making Project Tumara a semi community based and owned organization, we are empowering the community to take charge of their lives by engaging members in a weekly discussion to improve the community. This also provide community members with necessary skills such as leadership, creativity, organization, and management.

All community service projects are approved by the Freetown staff and each project must:

      A) Address an important issue within the community

      B) Be feasible, effective, and cost efficient, and

      C) Include all members of the program, including the primary school students, in its execution.