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The Faces of Project Tumara: 2015

Meet many of our primary and secondary school tumara students. Our Freetown staff took these pictures of our young students in their respective schools and classes.

Ayden Middle School: October 2014
Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students from Ayden Middle School art classes making mugs for Sara Kurtz' 500 Mugs for Sierra Leone event. Students made close to 100 mugs, which were on display and sold at East Carolina University from December 3rd to 8th. 

Student Registration Day: August 2014
After awarding 35 student scholarships, we began the fun task of registering our students in the various schools they attended. Roughly half of the scholarship recipients attended schools that were in the community while others attended schools that were miles away. We 
enjoyed spending time with the students while travelling to/from their schools. 

Freetown Launch Day: August 2014

Our recent program launch in Portee, Freetown was a huge success.  The community welcomed the program with great appreciation and the students immediately accepted the organization. They told everyone in the community that this is our program and it is here to help us be somebody in this community.We were also featured in the Concord Times, a local newspaper, read by thousands of people in Freetown daily. 

Portee Clean-Up Day: August 6, 2014
On August 6th, 2014, community members came together to clean up 4 major streets in the Portee wharf community. There were roughly 80 volunteers in attendance; and we worked from 8:00am to 1:00pm. Afterwards, we all shared a home cooked meal provided by Project Tumara. The day was a huge success despite the bad weather. Community members are now working to create community bylaws that will ensure the streets are kept clean and that no one litters. Thanks to the youth of Portee, the mothers who cooked the wonderful meal for us, and everyone who provided cleaning equipment for us to use.

Scholarship Interest Meeting: July 2014
On our first scholarship interest meeting, more than 200 community parents, guardians, leaders, and students were present to find about Project Tumara. The meeting lasted two hours and the community was very satisfied and happy when it was over.

A Taste of Sierra Leone: June 21, 2014
This was our first fundraising event of 2014 and was in collaboration with the Third Street Community Center in Greenville, NC. The event introduced the Greenville community to the culture, food, and history of Sierra Leone while also serving as a platform to promote student education in Sierra Leone. There were over 30 attendees at the event and we raised nearly $1,000 to support student education. The event was a featured story in The East Carolinian newspaper. To read our newspaper article, click on the link.

On our First Visit to Freetown: December 2013