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Meet some of our Scholarship Students!

Lamin Kamara

Age: 7 years old

Grade: 3rd

Lamin lives with his father, mother, and two siblings. His father is a driver's assistant and his mother is unemployed. His favorite game is football. He enjoys playing with his friends.

At school, Lamin is a serious student. He was the top student in his first grade class. He will be starting second grade in September and hopes to perform well in all of his classes. 

Zainab Kamara

Age: 6 years old

Grade: 2nd

Zainab is the eldest child of four. She is shy and quiet at first; but once you get to know her, she can be very playful and fun to be around. Her father is a truck driver and her mother is a stay at home mom. She is a very nurturing little girl and helps her mother take care of her little siblings.

Aminata Bangura

Age: 11 years old

Grade: 5th

Aminata is a cheerful young girl who loves "chasing the neighborhood chickens". She lives with her parents and three siblings. Her parents are traders and their meager income is not enough to provide food, shelter and education for all their children.

Karimatu "Karima" Kamara

Age: 8 years old

Grade: 2nd

Karima is a quiet young girl. Her mother died when she was two years old and she now lives with her 80 something year old, half deaf grandmother. Up until now she wasn't able to begin primary school because her grandmother couldn't afford to pay for her education. 

However, this year, she'll get the opportunity to attend school because of a Project Tumara scholarship.

Alieu Sankoh

Age: 10 years old

Grade: 6th

Alieu lives with his father, mother, and six brothers and sisters. His father is a fisherman and his mother is a trader. He enjoys going to school and learning new things from his teachers. His goal is to graduate from university, get a good job, and provide for his family.

Fatmata "Mata-Mata" Kamara

Age: 10 years old

Grade: 4th

Mata-Mata, as she is widely called, lives with her father, mother, and three older siblings in a one bedroom apartment. Her parents only have a primary school education. She is a very playful young girl and always has a smile on her face despite the financial struggles of her family.