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Student Scholarships

Each year, Project Tumara awards scholarships to deserving students based on the organization's budget. Applications are reviewed by our Scholarship Selection Committee which comprises of the Executive Director and our Freetown staff. 

This 2015 - 2016 school-year, we awarded 40 scholarships for the education of impoverished students in Sierra Leone, ranging from primary school to university level. These 40 students were selected from a pool of 350 students candidates that were interviewed in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Students must go through two stages before we can award them scholarships. Stage 1, the Application Process, allows us to determine whether a student meets the requirements. Stage 2, Student Interview, gives us the opportunity to meet, interview, and get to know potential scholarship recipients.

Students are awarded scholarships based on their application, detailed family background, financial need, academic performance, and their interview performance. Once selected, students are required to participate in monthly community service projects aimed at improving their community.

Scholarship funds are used to pay student tuition and to buy school supplies for each school-year.