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Outstanding Middle School of the Month

During the month of October, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students from the Ayden Middle School art class visited the East Carolina University (ECU) art department for a ceramics workshop. The workshops were from 8:30am - 1:00pm and was organized by Sara Kurtz, the creator of the 500 Mugs for Sierra Leone event.

ECU art students spent three days volunteering their time and teaching the Ayden middle school students how to make ceramic mugs. The students, their teacher, and the ECU art students all had a great time. By the end of final workshop day, the Ayden middle school students had made more than 80 beautiful mugs to be displayed and sold at Sara Kurtz' 500 Mugs for Sierra Leone senior show.

The workshop was a great success: students shared many laughs with each other and got to spend their days making mugs so that others students in Sierra Leone will have the opportunity to attend school next year.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the Ayden Middle School workshop field trips a success.