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Meet the soon-to-be leaders of Sierra Leone

Mohamed A. Bangura

Age: 25 years old

3rd Year Student

Program: Electrical Engineering

Mohamed is a hardworking and intelligent young man. His father is dead and his mother is a farmer so she is unable to support his education. He is currently studying to be an electrical engineer. 

Electricity shortage is a major problem in Sierra Leone. Mohamed hopes to be a significant player in helping to resolve the lack of electricity in Sierra Leone. He states, “I want to contribute to the transformation and provision of electricity in my country.” He hopes that education will provide him the opportunity, ability, and skills to be self-reliant so that he can provide for himself and his family.

Musa Mansaray

Age: 20 years old

2nd Year at Sulisha Computer School

Program: Information Technology (I.T.)

Musa lives with mother and five siblings in a one bedroom apartment in Portee. Because of the cramp space in his mother's apartment, he sleeps at his friend's room with four other young men. 

He graduated high last year and this year, because of a Project Tumara scholarship, he will be attending Sulisha Computer School in Central Freetown. He wants to be an I.T. Specialist. He believes that as technology and connectivity increase in Sierra Leone, the more importance his field will become. 

Victoria M. Kamara

Age: 22 years old

2nd Year Student at IAMTech

Program: Human Resource (H.R.)

While in secondary school, Victoria sold vegetables in the streets of Freetown in order to put herself through school. After graduating from secondary school, the high tuition cost of college, made it impossible for her to attend college. With no money and no parents to pay her college tuition, she was forced to drop out of school. So for the past two years she hasn't been able to attend college. 

This year she received a scholarship from Project Tumara. She will be attending IAMTech college in Freetown to study Human Resources. She is excited for the opportunity that she has been given and hopes to finish in the top of her. 

Umarr Y. Kamara

Age: 25 years old

3rd Year student at IBATech Program: Petroleum Engineering

Umarr came to Freetown, from a village, three years ago. His entire family still lives in the village and he is now under the care of Adama Kanu. His father is a farmer and his mother is unemployed. He has 12 siblings. 

Although he is currently studying Petroleum Engineering, he also wants to study medicine and become a doctor. Being a doctor was his childhood dream; however, he is studying petroleum engineering because he is intrigued by the field and wants to work to secure and manage Sierra Leone's natural resources to better the people of the country.